Eden Du Vos

The Unwrapping

Sophisticated sensuality with a tantric bite...

Aged 32 years.

Relish in the company of sensual sophistication. 

I embody the relaxed elegance of a dancer, with a natural 5,9" athletic physique, and bask naturally without cosmetic enhancement. In this way, I honour all of you... be yourself (quirks and all). Enjoy the artful clash of sensual nuance and erotic blatancy. I have a vast appetite for learning and enjoy discovering you as a person at the level you choose to share.

Interested in the companionship of a genuine nature. Unless of course, you intend to be at the end of my riding crop like show ponies deserve.

Reinvigorate what it means to be inspired about life. Turn overseas business trips into exciting explorations, and share moments beyond (soft) skin deep. Whether skiing in the Alps, galloping horses or meandering through historic cobblestoned cities, my youthful zest will naturally infuse and ignite your core... conjuring a smile for years to come.

I am inspired by an ever-deepening engagement with life, and supported by a decade of meticulous study dedicated to the co-empowerment of masculine/feminine energy.

For the sex geek wanting to up-skill and expand your erotic repertoire, I provide intimate training sessions including ejaculatory control, mapping, couples explorations etc. All sexes, genders, abilities, and identities welcome.

Whether a beginner, sex geek, or pleasure connoisseur it excites me to awaken a sensual adventure that will linger on your thoughts 'til next we meet.

International clientele and overseas adventure welcome.

with pleasure,
Eden du Vos

"... the artful clash of sensual nuance and erotic blatancy"

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More Testimonials...

" Her professional approach helps me to relax and you can tell she loves what she does... "


Michael CEO

"I now look forward to my Ozzy business trips. An evening with Eden gives new meaning to going down under"



"... so passionate and always up for more. I didn't think this could exist... my fantasy in the flesh"