Contact Etiquette

Please contact me initially via SMS , WhatsApp or email. 

Private numbers or phone calls without prior consent will not be answered. All numbers and text messages are kept private and confidential.

Clear communication ensures a smooth screening process for all first-time clients. Please include the following details:

1. Introduce yourself name etc
2. Location (either incall or outcall at your hotel)
3. Preferred time or date
4. Service/Package you are interested in
5. Appropriate call back time

Please note: I screen all my bookings, and due to strict security measures noncompliance will mean no booking. 

Gift and Generosity

generosity (jĕnˌə-rŏsˈĭ-tē)►

  • n.Liberality in giving or willingness to give: an education funded by the generosity of anonymous donors.
  • n.Nobility of thought or behavior; magnanimity.
  • n.Amplitude; abundance.

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Get in Touch

WhatsApp +1 602 607 2400

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Privacy Policy

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