Upon arrival


courteous, respectful, and present. Most importantly, just be your authentic self. 

Discretion and privacy are incredibly important to me. Your information is used for screening purposes only.

If we are meeting at a hotel, please greet me like a familiar acquaintance. Avoid saying "it's nice to meet you" in the lobby. 

Please leave the full consideration in large bills in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter.

If we meet in public, please give me the consideration in a card, gift bag, or book within the first couple minutes of us meeting. Getting it out of the way at the beginning will avoid ruining the mood.

Please don't mention the consideration at any time. I may excuse myself to go to the restroom to verify the consideration. If you would like to extend our time together, please have the extra amount on you and I will try my best to accommodate.

Exceptional hygiene and presentation are vital. Please be freshly showered including all nooks and cranny's please. Brush your teeth, tongue, and use a mouth wash. A secondary shower is common place after arrival.

Please know sobriety is paramount to explore higher states of tantric awareness. Do not be under the influence of any recreational drug during our time together. I occasionally dine with a glass of wine, and I am open if you decide to drink in moderation during dinner dates.

Next step

It can be daunting, nerve racking, or exquisitely exciting to meet for the first time. This is natural.... and adds to the préliminaires.

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